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Worst Valentine’s Gifts Ever

Stainless Steel Thermos

The concept of Valentine’s Day is completely lost on some boyfriends. Come February 14, long-suffering girlfriends up and down the country will be opening their presents with baited breath, hoping that this year their partner has finally bought them a heart-felt, cherished gift or, even better, a special type of ring. Sadly, it’s a fleeting […]

Get Creative This Valentine’s Day – Home Made Presents

homemade fragrance

It can be difficult to find unique presents for Valentine’s Day. The event is hugely commercialised resulting in mass produced gifts such as soft toys, chocolates and roses being the first choice for gifts to give to your loved one. It’s safe to say many of us are happy to receive these, but think about […]

Top 3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Diamond Bracelet

diamond bracelet

Jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes and stones, but one piece that continues to trend well with women are diamond bracelets. This piece is one that she can wear with pride, adding a distinct bit of elegance to her wrist no matter where she goes. From the tennis court to a gala, a woman sporting […]