5 Fabulous Holiday Gifts For Expecting Mothers

It can be easy for expectant mothers to feel frumpy or uncomfortable as their body changes and they experience common symptoms associated with pregnancy. Although it’s often a time where women can become insecure, it’s also the best time to give a great holiday gift that will help the mother stay fabulous before she delivers. A gift that complements her pregnancy will work in her favor and be something that is truly sentimental.

1. Pregnancy Pillow

Any woman who has ever been pregnant can vouch that a full-body pregnancy pillow is essentially a lifesaver during the second and third trimesters for a way to stay comfortable while sleeping. Not only do pregnancy pillows provide support, but they come in different sizes and colors for a great way to support both the belly and body.

2. Terry Clog Slippers

One of the most common complaints that can be heard from pregnant women is when their feet begin to swell and are too large to fit into comfortable shoes or basic socks around the home. A great gift that will make her feel more at ease are terry clog slippers, which are lightweight and easy to slip on for a fit that’s not too smug and will prevent her from having to walk around barefoot.

For the warmer months, terry clog slippers are breezy enough to prevent feet from sweating or becoming too hot in the product. Choose slippers with rubber soles for something that can be worn outdoors and will maintain their durability.

3. Maternity Leggings

Not only do maternity leggings create a slimming effect, but they also are extremely comfortable both on the legs and around the waist for a growing belly that can feel too stuffed in jeans. Maternity leggings also work to reduce swelling as they compress the skin and provide more mobility throughout the day.

4. The Belly Book

For any pregnant woman who wants to record every part of their changing body,

The Belly Book is a fun and creative pregnancy journal that makes it easy to write down each step of the process in a professional bound book. Not only will the gift be a sentimental one, but will provide a unique gift for a mom-to-be who can treasure her experience for many years to come.

5. Maxi Skirt

One of the most trendy clothing items in the last year for has been maxi skirts that work to provide a comfortable fit for any size. Maxi skirts will keep the pregnant mom-to-be looking fashionable throughout her pregnancy as the skirt can be paired with scarves, casual flannel shirts, and even decorative blouses for a look that can either be casual or semi-formal.

When giving the perfect gift during the holiday season to a pregnant mother, anything that allows her to feel more comfortable and confident is appropriate and will be appreciated for a gift she can enjoy until her baby arrives. Whether allowing her to show off her curves in a feminine maxi skirt or helping her to enjoy every moment of her pregnancy with a sentimental journal, she’ll appreciate the thought of the gift that is sure to make her pregnancy more enjoyable.

Opal Burke is a fashion writer with a passion for maternity fashion & style. For more great fashion tips, Opal recommends checking out her favorite blog at http://www.wendyslookbook.com/.

Just How Cufflinks Came Up

steampunk vintage cufflink

17th century has been the time, when cufflinks started to increase in level of popularity. Everybody in the west part of the world ended up being attaching their shirt sleeves by means of ordinary strings at that point.

dollar sign cufflink

Obviously, the initial cufflinks were not the same as the novelty cuff links that exist right now. These were very simple buttons made of glass. From 18th century, glass mixture was unveiled which could form minor gems.

A real difference between typical cufflinks and also the novelty cuff links would be that the novelty ones are certainly more suited for everyday use, while old classic cufflinks tend to be worn with regard to formality.

Novelty Cuff Links

father of the bride cuff links

Novelty cuff links provide you with a wonderful variety of choice. Novelty cuff links appear in several shapes and colors therefore whatever you wish, you will find the perfect match for yourself. You can locate a set for just anybody – a set for every persona.

Males should never neglect the fact that novelty cuff links are generally accessories and the same exact policies implement as with every various other item of this kind. It is just a general rule once having cufflinks to think about the event and also the attire. You should keep in mind that being dressed in novelty cuff links as with all novelty jewelry on official events is not a way to choose. Regardless how cute, just how comical, or simply precisely how highly-priced they may be, you will not make a good impression for anyone.

Real Madrid cufflinks

Novelty cuff links will not be right for professional occasions, therefore you should always remember that. No amount of self-confidence upon holding these in your sleeves can atone for that error in judgment. They just are not going to fit in.

Cuff Links for French Cuff Shirt

Juventus cufflinks

The French cuff shirt grew to become stylish attire for males when it came to early 1840s. The trend appeared to be the factor that extra cufflinks ended up being desired. Different materials were utilized. Silver, mother of pearl, enamel and other gemstones were chosen. These types of esteemed jewelry retailers were after that producing works of art that could be put on by gentlemen. Button openings were integrated and this provided features instead of being only an accessory to cufflinks.

A decreased market for the cufflinks buy and sell came up throughout the start of the twentieth century the moment shirt firms begun mass creating clothing that already have got buttons linked to their own cuffs. This lower point even further challenged the cufflinks suppliers to make extra classy, elegant and uncommon cufflinks. The modern approach you know was initially presented. Currently cufflinks are usually referred to as a great attribute for a night trend.

Yet another excellent addition for men is actually tie clip. There are plenty of diverse tie clips you can choose from. To have a tie clip extra fantastic, metallic material is used, to reinforce the quality. If you are intending for some form of an event, you have to examine a tie clip. A number of them even have badges in the front that you can acquire matching with the color of your tie. It is possible to face tie clips that are crafted from leather-based materials which brings the product quality completely to another level. Tie clips are made in a method in which ensures they are very special. You will find certain tie clips that contain gems on them. These can be a perfect present for your spouse. They all are so beautiful made that it will definitely alter the look of the individual who might wear it.

Puzzle piece cufflinks

There are lots of layouts to choose from and if novelty cuff links help to make your male shiver having fashion fear you can also find a good amount of modern day and established styled cufflinks to choose from too which you’ll want to get imprinted with his initials.

If you are looking for some cool cufflinks, you may visit Dayo Mart.


Styles, Materials And Colors Of Handmade Mediterranean Jewelry

EaringsEvery piece of jewelry has a specific look and style that often reflects the time or area of the world in which it was made. The materials will also play a major part in this, as they are often materials that are locally present for the jewelers, due to the fact that it has been locally mined, or was loved by the empire the jeweler was working under when the piece was made. When it pertains to Mediterranean handmade jewelry, there are specific styles, stones and colors that are associated with it. These have been used since some of the earliest human empires began making handcrafted jewelry during the long evolution of human society. Below are some of the styles, materials and colors to look for when trying to identify true pieces of Mediterranean handcrafted jewelry from the imitators.


The colors of Mediterranean jewelry often reflect the colors seen most prominently around the Mediterranean itself. These are light and dark blues and greens, producing a lot of turquoise jewelry as it is a stone which is prevalent in the region and best reflects the palate of the area. There is also a lot of bronze and silver colors in Mediterranean jewelry, as these precious metals were common in the area, especially among ancient cultures like the Greeks and the Romans. Bright yellows are also common to this region of handcrafted jewelry, as are white stones, reflecting the prevalent amounts of coral that are used for various pieces.



Various stones are also always present in Mediterranean jewelry, as they are common to the wide variety of lands in the region, from Europe to the Middle East to Northern Africa. These stones consist of the aforementioned turquoise and coral, but also include stones like labradorite, jade, onyx and pearl, all of which are found in and around the Mediterranean and are common in classic pieces of jewelry from the area. Beyond the aforementioned metals like bronze and silver that can be found prevalently in Mediterranean jewelry, materials like colored glass are also common, though the glass is usually reflecting the green, blue or gray tones. Precious stones like rubies, diamonds and emeralds are usually not found in handmade Mediterranean pieces, though there are always the occasional exception to this rule.


You can usually identify authentic Mediterranean jewelry by a classic, ruggedly beautiful look of the materials each piece is constructed from. The metals often look rough and a little worn, as do the stones, despite their shine. Earrings and pendants look like they could have been worn by royalty from one of those seaside empires, or even lesser Gods. The general style of Mediterranean handmade jewelry is meant to reflect the beauty of the region from an ancient time that we only know through bits of history and mythology. The style conveyed through these pieces of jewelry conveys a piece of this time period, adding a fantastical element to someone’s overall look when they wear the pendants, earrings or bracelets from this region. The natural beauty and power of this style is why Mediterranean jewelry remains so popular today.

+Laura has a keen sense for rare, beautiful finds in fashion, jewelry and home art and decor check out styleoutsidethebox

Planning Your Dream Wedding On A Budget

Recent research suggests that the average cost of a wedding is now close to thirty thousand dollars. All couples want a day to remember for the rest of their lives, but it’s often hard to justify such an expense. The custom of parents paying for a child’s wedding is now fading out, and the burden often falls to the bride and groom.

Planning a wedding on a budget can add extra excitement to the process. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that a dream wedding has to cost big bucks. Saving money on wedding planning is often about being creative and using your imagination, and it doesn’t mean you have to cut corners. Green weddings have become very popular over recent years, and lower budget weddings are often more environmentally friendly and kinder to the planet.

The following tips will help you to have your dream wedding without worrying about the bills that may follow.

1) Keep the guest list short.

Very few couples can afford to invite everyone they know to their wedding. Distant family members and friends you may not have seen for years can send the costs beyond affordable levels. It may cause some friction in the family, but remember it’s your wedding day and you control the guest list. Keeping the list to direct family members and close friends can save you thousands of dollars. Intimate weddings are often more memorable than larger affairs.

2) Start planning early.

Booking wedding venues, photographers and limousines early often means you can negotiate discounts. Planning well in advance also means you get to choose the services you want, and there’s less chance they will already be booked. Guests making travel arrangements and hotel bookings will also save money if they can book well in advance.

3) Have clear priorities.

Planning a wedding on a budget may mean some compromise. The bride and groom should have an honest discussion about what’s most important to them and allocate budget to these things from the start. For example, a particular venue or photographer may be important to the bride or groom. You can also use handy apps for your Smartphone that can help manage your prorities, apps such as Evernote, and Dropbox can really help you manage, organize and share ideas.

4) Involve your guests and family.

Weddings in the past often involved members of the family contributing. The bride’s mother would usually make the dress, flowers would come from guests’ gardens and a member of the family would make the cake. Bringing back this tradition can add a very personal touch to a wedding. Table decorations, invitations and wedding favors can all be made by members of the family with creative flair. There may even be a keen photographer in your family who could take the pictures.

5) Make the most of the season.

Choosing flowers and foods that are in season is another easy way to cut the cost of your wedding. Buying local produce saves you money and is great for the environment and the local economy. There are flowers and colors for every season, and the time of year can become the theme of your wedding.

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Tips For Shopping For Toys At Online Baby Stores

The internet is perhaps the best way to explore and buy what you want. Online baby stores carry a much wider array of items than offline or regular stores which makes it very easy for people to buy everything they need from one store. All of this can be done from the comfort of their home. However, even though the internet makes it easy for people to buy toys, clothes and shoes online there are some stores that are inherently more expensive than others. There are also many stores that sell knockoff goods, in addition to various scams. This is why before you decide to buy something online it is important that you compare prices to find the best deals. Below we look at a few tips which should help you find high quality baby toys easily and at a low price.

The more you search the easier it becomes

Start by searching the internet for the most common as well as latest toys for babies. This will allow you to find out more about how much you can expect to pay for these toys and what is available. You can also find competing online baby stores who may be able to offer you a special discount or are running a promotion for a limited time period.

Old toys are cheaper

If you’re buying toys for your own baby you may want to consider used or old toys. Old toys refers to toys that are still in stock as new but the manufacturer has discontinued them. Usually they will be placed on sale but if you’re able to find one not on sale you can call up the store, tell them that the toy is discontinued and demand a discount.

Stay safe online

You should do a bit of background research on the online baby stores that seem appealing prior to doing business with them. You should also find out about safety issues regarding the toy that you want to buy. Check out sites like toysaftey.net and cspc.gov, both of which are Consumer Safety Sites and update their list of hazardous toys almost every week.

Do business with known sites

Online baby stores like Gracebaby.com.au, KBToys and Toys R US have been in business for decades. These are popular choices for anyone who is looking for a toy for their baby. The store should also give you advice on which toys are best based on your baby’s age and gender.

Comparison shopping

If there is a specific toy or handful of toys you’re interested in buying then search for this toy at various sites in order to find the one that is offering the lowest price. The fact is that you’d be surprised as to how cheap some stores are, that said it is important that you keep shipping costs in mind when comparing prices because some stores do not mention that by default.

Find out if the item is available

Once you’ve managed to find a website that has the lowest price you’ll want to call them up to verify if they have the toy in stock. There are some stores that do not update their site very frequently so out of stock items may still be shown. Only buy once you’ve confirmed that the toy is available over the phone.

There should be a warranty

Always check out the warranty of the item prior to purchasing it. Even if you’re buying a stuffed toy a warranty will cover stains, tares and defects in the toy. Make sure to double check with the store if there is a warranty and for how long it is valid for. There are some online stores that require people to buy a warranty or an extended warranty, which is especially the case with electronic products.

Use a credit card and not debit card

Even though you may have a fully functioning debit card its best to use a credit card for a number of reasons. The first reason according to Grace Baby is the fact that in the event that there is a problem with the seller i.e. a dispute you can file for a chargeback. The second reason being that some vendors offer discounts on certain types of credit cards.

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Top Tips To Help You Buy The Perfect Perfume For Your Girlfriend

When you are tasked with buying your girlfriend a gift, it can fill you with a sense of dread. Where do you start? What if you get something she doesn’t like? When buying perfume, these thoughts can occupy your mind even more, since other than buying her the same perfume you know she wears every day, how can you possibly know what she would like?

Obviously you want your girlfriend to be happy with your choice, as well as actually like the scent yourself. After all, who wants to hate the perfume their girlfriend wears? Of course, the answer is no one. Perfume is an excellent choice of gift, simply because you can buy a lovely scent for a reasonable sum, however, when buying for your beloved girlfriend, you need to put some extra effort in.

The below tips will hopefully make your perfume buying trip a lot more straightforward, as well as ensure you end up choosing a fragrance that your girlfriend is going to love.

- Online research
One of the worst (and most confusing) things you can do is just wander aimlessly around in the fragrance section of a department store ‘looking’ for the ideal perfume for your girlfriend. Not only might you be accosted by various sales assistants, who’ve spotted you have no idea and so are going to try to sell you everything under the sun but you’ll be very unlikely to buy the best perfume for your girlfriend.

Before you even leave the house, make sure you’ve gone online to look at which perfumes are popular at the moment or check those which have just been released. It’s best to consider only perfumes from well-known brands, firstly because they tend to be a better quality and secondly because your girlfriend is more likely to be impressed by a brand name she knows as opposed to one she doesn’t.

- Match the new fragrance with scents your girlfriend likes
This isn’t as hard as it seems, especially if you are sneaky about it. You, firstly, need to double check what perfume she wears on a daily basis. Make sure you’ve got this specific scent in your nose and then sneak upstairs to her bedroom to see if you can actually identify the one she is wearing.

NOTE: The perfume may be hidden in her handbag.

Once you have identified her daily perfume, it is a good start because you know you shouldn’t buy it. You want to get her something she’ll wear on date nights and for special occasions not every day! However, she obviously really likes her daily perfume, so it is a good idea to identify the flavours (notes) of this perfume and then when you’re shopping, you can identify other perfumes which include these flavours and be safe in the knowledge she will like them.

NOTE: Make sure you’ve checked through her whole collection of perfumes carefully. You don’t want to buy her a perfume she already has.

- Visit perfume stores in person
Online shopping is great; however, it doesn’t let you try before you buy. When buying perfume, you’ve just got to try it! Do keep in mind that a perfume’s scent can vary depending on who is wearing it so if you are trying the perfume out on yourself, or the sales assistant just remember it may not smell the same on your girlfriend. However, if you really like the scent, it is unlikely to change so much that it is unrecognisable.

Just take your time when selecting your final choice of perfume. It may not be the most important selection of your life but it is important and your girlfriend will appreciate the effort you’ve gone to in order to make sure she loves her gift. Also, after making all this effort, once you’ve bought the perfume, make sure you wrap it up nicely. Don’t fall at the last hurdle!

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Tips For Compiling A Gift Pack For A 30-Year Old

Turning 30 is a big milestone. It is an end of an era of youth and carefree living and time to start settling down. It is nice to have a big party for your 30th birthday and to celebrate together with your friends and family. If you have a friend or family member turning 30 it is important to come up with a fun gift idea.Gift

To help you out here is one suggestion of compiling a gift pack for your loved one.

Something Blingy To Wear

You might be having a party on the day you are giving the gift and adding something blingy for her or him to wear is a good idea. You can either go with some nice jewellery, for instance a lovely golden necklace or some earrings for women, or you could opt for something funnier.

For instance, you can make you own glittery crown that the person can wear during the party. Even a funny birthday ribbon can be something to add a little bit of fun to the party.

Novelty Book

Adding some humour to your gift package is always a good idea and a novelty book is a really good choice. When you are turning 30 you often joke how the old age is now upon you and it is only downhill from now. There are a lot fun books that tackle this matter in a light-hearted way.

You could also just include a book that is generally just really funny. For example this list on the Psychology Today’s website lists 30 funny books that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Help To Plan The Future

It is also a nice idea to include something that will allow the person to plan for the future. Being 30 isn’t the end of the world but it is a time when you want to ask what sort of things you still want to achieve.

Add a lovely notebook and pens for him or her to write down their goals for the future. You can even include some suggestions for things to do. And if you know the person has specific goals already in mind you can include something to get them one step closer to that specific dream.

Add Some Drinks

Naturally the gift pack should include a few drinks to get the party started properly. Instead of opting for the same old wine bottles that you get from the supermarkets you could consider some vintage vine. Buying quality wine as a gift is a really nice idea and will add some extra flair for your gift back.

Naturally, it is important to include non-alcoholic drinks if you know the person doesn’t drink. There are a lot of nice ideas for making your own bottled punch, for instance. This will add a lot of thought for your gift and is a nicer idea than buying a soft drink.

There you have a nice gift pack ready for your loved one’s big day. Giving a compilation gift like this is a nice way to show you have thought about the person a lot and will really put a smile on his or her face.

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Shelly loves to come up with surprises and gifts for her friends and family. She is always ready to attend or plan a party and loves to spend time with her loved ones. She also likes to unwind by listening to some proper jazz music.

This Valentine’s Day Wow Her like Never Before

Step away from the chocolate this year and select a gift for that woman in your life that will wow her like never before. Chocolate will always remain a Valentine’s Day staple, but it does not need to be the main attraction. A nice piece of dark chocolate tied with a bow to the top of any of the following gifts will be sure to delight her.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Not all jewelry is created the same, and when you buy a piece of handmade jewelry, you are buying something that may very well be a one-of-a-kind piece. Because she is unique, your gift for her should be equally unique.

A piece like this necklace with a ceramic fern decorated heart complemented with gemstones is a perfect way to tell her that you love her and give her something that will be a conversation piece for her. This piece is completely handcrafted, including the heart.

Any handmade piece of jewelry will make an impression. Women love to wear jewelry, and they love to have pieces of jewelry that make other women stop and admire. This tells all women that you thought enough to shop carefully.

Going Green

While staying ecologically responsible, yet fashionable, you can dress her in clothing that is friendly towards the environment. She will appreciate the comfort of a shirt created from hemp fiber. This shirt is breathable and has a natural UV protection from the sun. Repeated washings only make it a softer and more comfortable article of clothing.

Hemp is a material that has withstood the test of time as a popular fabric throughout all the cultures. She will love knowing that she not only is wearing something as fashionable as this shirt, but is also using a fabric that contains no pesticides or herbicides in its lifetime.

Unlike many of the synthetic and poorly designed clothing on the market today, this shirt will withstand steady wash and wear while providing her with something as comfortable as her relationship with you.

Personalize It

You can never go wrong with anything that is personalized. It does not matter if you are buying a mug or a canvas wrapped wall hanging. Anything that has personal meaning, like a photo that has been reprinted as a poster, will make her think of you whenever she sees it.

It does not need to be a large gift, either. There are many ways to personalize small things, like stationery, notepads or other paper products that she can use on a daily basis. A beautiful heart-shaped jewelry box that has been engraved is a wonderful way to express your love and give her a practical gift.

A gift like this wood jewelry box will be a treasured keepsake that she can pass down to grandchildren. Every day, she will see how much you love her.

You can still give her chocolate for Valentine’s Day because everyone loves chocolate, but chocolate is better when it is attached to a bigger gift.

How Gift Registries Work

Gift registries are tools that allow people to ask for gifts that they really want or need and allow gift givers to give gifts that they know will be appreciated. These tools are often used by people who are engaged or couples about to have a baby. Gift registries are not maintained by gift recipients, but by the firm hosting the registry; in most cases, major department stores.

Registering for Gifts

The process of registering for gifts is determined by the store where the recipients are registering. However, certain similarities exist in gift registering processes. In many cases, recipients must first enter their names, addresses, date of the special occasion and other personal details.

After giving personal details, the individual registering is given a bar code reader. Once the individual registering sees the gift he/she would like to receive, he can use the code reader to record it. Finally, the individual is required to return the code reader to the customer desk once he finishes choosing the desired gift. At the customer care desk, the information about the gift is fed into a computer under his name.

Some stores do not have bar code readers. Such stores provide people registering with lists of items available to be offered as gifts. Gift recipients then fill out the list by hand and return them to the customer care desk. The information is then entered into a computer system under the name of the gift recipient.

Reading The Registry

Once gift recipients register for gifts and their choices have been fed into the computer system, their friends and families can view the list and choose items that the gift recipients would like for an upcoming event.

For instance, Expectant mothers normally register at certain department stores for gift items that they would like for their baby showers. Guests then travel to the stores and print out the expectant mothers list. The guest then chooses the item and presents the list to the checkout clerk who removes the item from the list of the expectant mother to avoid receiving duplicate items.

Gift Registry Etiquette

Telling people where you have registered a gift registry is not the best way to ask for a gift. It comes out as too direct or even rude. Consider telling close family and friends where you registered and ask them to spread the word among guests.

It is important not to mention the registry on invitations or in any other forms of direct communications. Doing such would indicate that you expect a gift from your guests.

Instead, ask the maid of honour to mention the registry on wedding newsletters as an update on the wedding or shower details. Some stores provide registry cards that can be included in wedding and baby shower invitations.

Gift Record

Consider keeping a gift record. This will help you organize thank you notes after receiving gifts. Once a gift is received, record the name and address of the gift sender as well as the store, short description of the gift, personal feelings about the gift and arrival date.

Such details can help an individual write more sincere thank you notes. On the same breath, make sure you send thank you notes to everyone who sends a gift. Most guests like to feel that their gifts were appreciated. Record the date when you send thank you notes and to whom, to make sure everyone who sent a gift receives a thank you note.

Register Gifts In A Wide Price Range

Keep the budget of the guests in mind when selecting items from a registry. Though many people like to receive high-priced gift items, it is also important to note that some people may be on a budget. Choose a mix of high, mid and low priced gift items.

Amy Forsythe works for Urban Cuckoo. They specialise get lots of people visiting looking for unusual engagement gifts.

A Gift Certificate To A Rejuvenation Center For My Wife

My wife is one of those super-women that does everything for everybody in the house all the time. I’m not joking, it’s ridiculous how much she can accomplish in a single day. She starts her day by getting two pre-teen girls and a young boy out the door with breakfast in their bellies and lunches in their hands. She then works a full-time job in an accounting firm. At the end of the day, she’s typically driving from one side of town to the next for clarinet lessons, dance class, soccer, Cub Scouts, groceries, dry cleaning, school art project supplies… the list goes on and on. And, on top of everything she does in the hours after school, she still manages to get a decent meal on the table five nights a week. (Because weekends are for leftovers and, occasionally, a pizza or two, don’t you know!)

I’m lucky that my wife is so dedicated to our family.

My wife is constantly running, constantly doing. And, since my sales job has me on the road three to four days a week, I feel genuinely lucky that she’s so dedicated to the family. I honestly don’t know how she does it all, but I never let a day go by where I don’t tell her exactly how I feel about all the help she gives us. I’m a lucky man. But there is a drawback!

I pride myself on finding gifts that are different and special for her.

When you’re married to superwoman, you tend to look at gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other special events with a discerning eye for quality and uniqueness. I’m not the best gift giver in the world, but I really try to put some effort into finding things that are different and special. I’ve come to understand that flowers are always great, especially when they’re a total surprise (meaning when they’re given for no particular reason). Candy, however, is a big no-no in our house. My wife is constantly battling skin problems. Don’t get me wrong, I think she has beautiful skin – the kind of healthy, glowing skin that doesn’t seem to need makeup at all. But, she thinks otherwise. Little blemishes pop up from time to time and she finds them really disappointing. She’s never sought the help of a dermatologist, though. She once told me that she thought seeking “professional help” from a dermatologist was more help than she needed. Still, she hasn’t taken the time to find a skincare consultant to help her address her issues with redness in the face or frustrating skin eruptions. And, this may be due to the simple fact that she doesn’t have the time.

So, I decided to find a solution for her and see if she’d take the chance.

Now, it must be stated that I’m a guy who knows nothing about skincare or makeup or facial rejuvenation. But, it didn’t take long to find a skincare center in the Greater Kansas City Area that did all those things and more. I found a face and skin center in Prairie Village, Kansas (not too far from our place in Olathe) through a simple web search. I honestly didn’t know what my wife would want in a skincare consultation or a makeup session, but it was clear that she could have her pick of any one of a number of treatments and consultations with a single appointment. In the end, I surprised my wife with a gift certificate that she could use for any procedure on the menu. She was quite surprised. Score one for the husband again.

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